LETTER on behalf of the Management Board of BAYDAMIRLI HOLDING:

Dear friends and partners! In the modern world, the most important thing for business, of course, is honesty, mutual benefit, loyalty to family, country and partners. I started my business back in 1987. At that time in the USSR, the so-called cooperative movement of small business was only just being allowed. The communist regime, which did not accept private property, was clearly losing out to capitalism, and the only way out for the Gorbachev administration was to create a competitive environment to meet the growing needs of the population. At that time, as a third-year university student, I founded the “Druzhba” cooperative and began to produce a product from iron wire called a chain-link netting. While it is difficult to understand how competition stimulates economic development under socialism, those who started their business through the cooperative movement know how difficult it was in a country that for 10 years portrayed capitalists as an enemy of workers and the commonfolk. No matter how much the communist ideology propagated against the market economy and presented it as an "external enemy" erected an "iron fence" against the capitalist countries, news and TV spots, as well as the abundance and variety of consumer goods in the shops and markets of imperialist countries made the Soviet person think and compare opportunities with your country. Thus, in the last years of the USSR's existence, the communist leaders realized that the planned economy would lose to the market economy, and decided to end the “Cold War” with the Western world ... thus, they began to differentiate the types of property in the country. The privatization of factories and large enterprises in the 90s, and newly established economic ties accelerated my transition from teaching at university to business. After the official collapse of the USSR in December 1992, we established a partnership with the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant through the companies I created, OOO “Capital X”, then OOO “Imperial LTD” in Lipetsk, Russia, and I started international trade. Before moving from the Russian Federation to my home country Azerbaijan, that is, until 1999, we continued to sell NLMK products to our business partners from Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan and other countries. Of course, we continued our relations with NLMK and other manufacturers until we opened our own plant for the production of steel products in Azerbaijan, that is, until 2003. As a co-founder of “Atakhan Demir Sanae” LLC, which operated in Baku from 2003 to 2013, we further expanded our experience in this area. Meanwhile, during my service in the Azerbaijan parliament in 2005-2010, my numerous proposals on the problems of entrepreneurship were reflected in the legislation of Azerbaijan. I continued my work as a scientist and economist at the Economic Forums, the Istanbul Financial Summit, the St. Petersburg Economic Forum and other international conferences held in Poland in 2008-2016, mainly as an expert speaker on the expansion of economic ties between countries in including for the project of the Eastern Partnership of the European Union. "BAYDAMIRLI HOLDING" was established as a continuation of the activities of the previous enterprises that I founded and created until 2019, and the BAIDAMIRLI Charitable Foundation was established at the end of 2020. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the activities of our company on our website, as well as take a look at our path. That is why I have tried to give you a brief introduction to myself by listing episodes from my business and social and political activities. I hope that our offices and employees in Azerbaijan, Iran, as well as companies and friends who have been cooperating with us for dozens of years in Russia, Georgia, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey and in general in the countries of the former Soviet Union and the countries of Europe and America will help you with your companies. Our motto is: Honesty, mutual benefit, fairness and charity! Respectfully yours, Nazim Baydamirli, economist-scientist, former member of The Parliament of Azerbaijan.